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  • William Scott

    William Scott

    I write. I overcome adversity. I meditate. I eat plants. I watch Star Trek. I hike. I wander. I cry. I make my own bread. I innovate. I question. I debate.

  • Marine Dondy

    Marine Dondy

    Biologistuderende, socialist, veganer, environmentalist.

  • Chris Mash

    Chris Mash

    iOS developer since 2012, previously console games developer at Sony and Activision. Twitter: @CJMash

  • Manuel Meyer

    Manuel Meyer

    Freelance Software Developer and Code Strategist, currently working on a book about the Declarative Domain Paradigm. Want to publish me? Get in contact!

  • Simon Francis

    Simon Francis

    I’m a seasoned technologist and keen observer of the tech industry. I’ve seen the good, the bad and everything in between. Let’s pick it apart together!

  • Jessica Wildfire

    Jessica Wildfire

    Unfluencer. | Also on Substack: https://jessicawildfire.substack.com/ jessica.wildfire.writer@gmail.com

  • Beau Beauchamp

    Beau Beauchamp

    An enterprise-class UI/UX full-stack web application architect and senior developer with over 20 years of experience developing scalable apps. BeauBeauchamp.com

  • Muhammed Tanriverdi

    Muhammed Tanriverdi

    Software developer with several years of experience on various tech projects. I have entrepreneurial spirit and love to be a part of the start-up community.

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